Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why Sushi

How about the Sushi?
Well, I got in to the house around 7:15. I wasn't truly hungry even though it had been ninety minutes riding the bus from the airport. I went upstairs and worked on the computer, altered some pictures and busied myself for my own departure. At 9, I decided to go out for a light bite. Their was a family run restaurant and Loja de Doces (sweet shop) down the street that I had wanted to try. Well, they closed at 9, oops. I didn't want to go to the usual suspects right at Porto da Barra, so I decided to walk towards the Farol (lighthouse) and look for this strip of restaurants, clubs and Acai stands for an option. We had had a great lunch at a local fish house and I thought that if they were open, I would get some clams or a whole steamed crab, large like Dungeness. My stomach couldn't take the hike, so I started to settle near a strip of highfly restaurants. The light looked good, so I thought...I would be able to take some notes. The first place was too pricey. I didn't want the Empada restaurant chain from Rio, so I decided, "What the heck-I'll try the sushi bar. We are right on the water. " WRONG. The waiter was nice. The bar and restaurant was quite smart in reds, blacks and toasted almond. I ordered a beer and Sushi Tradicionao. The new wave sushi sounded scary and everything had cheese or cream cheese on it. Well, I think that they had used the rice pudding for my unagi roll. Yes, I am serious. Dipped in sugar syrup. The nigiri was the same, just less of it. The sashimi saved the day, though I could tell that the Tuna had been previously frozen and not truly thawed well. It wouldn't kill, it just was missing sublime. And in place of shredded daikon or mamina sprouts there were carrots cut from a Ronco Salad shooter. No lie. I got through it. It was light, and it was late, I was tired and still had some work to finish. As I got up from the table after paying my bill, I realized that I had a dull ache at the base of my neck. When I got home, my whole head ache. I swear it was the beer. This was the second time I had had this happen here. I miss my decent wines by the glass. Got home, went to work and then got nauseas in the pit of my stomach. I had the feeling that I could puke. I began to sweat-"Am I going to get sick off this meal?" I brush my teeth with bottled water, I wash fruit lathered with soap, is it the sushi that is going to do me in....or could it be that the carrots weren't peeled. That mental masturbation called internal dialogue was killing me as much as my head was throbbing. I put myself to sleep with some Olympic finals and was off until just before dawn when a sledge hammer came down on my temples. It had never left. I felt like my stomach had weathered the storm, but my head was dying. So, just to change it up, since I did not want to be maudlin over the departure of my girl I had treated myself to some Strychnine or Lobelia....ugh. I am sticking to my chewy grilled sardines and mackerel. thank you.

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