Monday, November 17, 2008

Dinner with Danny

Tag you’re it. No you missed me. Danny, generous as always had tried to include me in his birthday celebration. Not quite up to my NYC or Blackberry speed, I hadn’t keyed in at the right time. Cut to me, being me, I ran downtown to learn that the message I was responding to that had no time/date stamp was for the party yesterday. Oh, well. As a do-over, Danny suggested that we go out for some African food together. I wanted it to happen quickly since I had gifts for him, and his birthday was now. We had a simple, sweet dinner grilled fish and a cous cous like yucca dish, replete with reminiscences of times spent in Brazil and life here in NY. He seems like the global daddy, nurturing just about everyone who crosses his path. What a wonderful present I got this year, 50, having him come into my life. Thanks.

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