Saturday, October 18, 2008


Eneida. Danny’s soul-mate. I am glad to have met and then re-met Eneida. She is a curious. Like a water sprite darting through our lives, Eneida has been generous with laughter and her opening heart. I met her right away, bringing her news and some necessities from Danny. Her life was challenged then. I did not want to push, she seemed stretched thin. We, Michele, she and me enjoyed a few brief meetings, at ACBEU, the gallery she runs in Vitoria, at her home and out socially. A tree in the Sacatar garden, her support has carried the foundation forward. I sense that she has helped them find many people in their community of Salvadoran friends.

As though it was scripted Eneida bowed off to the side and Giovana and Bia Simon stepped in. They offered a hand, that gentle tug softening our entry into Salvador. Three friends. Colleagues. All strong women. Beautiful artists. They have each been there at right moments, thoughtful, joyous and nurturing.
Now Eneida has come back in with a spark and a bang. This is the woman I had glimpses of at our first meeting. This time at my behest Tracy brought Eneida things via Danny.

I had hopes of a good camaraderie between the four of us, Eneida, Tracy, Kathy and me. It has quickly been honey sweet and sticky good. Kathy and Eneida are constantly looking for each other in that sisterly, home-girl way. You want the people you care for to see into and get the other people you love. Sometimes anxiously I hope that they can see each other “through my eyes”. Seeing, sensing that ephipanial click of eyes and hearts coming into synch is sweet magic.

Within their brief visit Eneida has tried to welcome them into her world and another level of Salvador. Piquant as molho de pimenta our time has been rich and poignant, all in a minute. We are laughing all the way through this shared journey.

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