Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Uma boa feijoada

Analia had told me to bring pen and paper. My recorder was maxed out and memory card was nearly
full. I had wanted to video this session, but I needed to honor her wishes. Next time, I will push harder.
The recipes for example:
Pra fazer uma boa Feijoada. Feijoada original……Boto feijoada
Tempero de pé-Dos mocotos de porco-Chouriço de Porco-Chouriço de Bofe-Carne Sertão, ao gusto
Carne de Boi, do peito-Chupa molha-Rabada do fato do Boi-Bustelha de porco-Carne de porco
O que quiser de todo ao gusto. Temperos, cheiro verde, milho grão
Jogo a panela. Bota um pouco de azeite. Punhada cravo de doce dentro de Feijoada
Carvao, panela depressa. Vamos a conzinhar. Depois faz um molho.
Tomate-Cebolinha-Cuentro-Pimenta a seu gusto-Caldo Feijoada
Corta e amassa os ingredientes. Bota o caldo de feijoes.

With this I had a template, but not a recipe. But her performance of the recipe had been priceless. I needed to get her on tape, and in the kitchen. It would cost time and money. Back in our conversation Analia suggested that I give her some more money so that she could buy some temperos, (spices) and a Peixe bem boa na feira…..-a good fresh fish. She could prepare me Peixe Baiana. I thanked her, and said later, when I returned. If I could phone in advance we could decide on a dish or two to make, and I would pay for it. I kissed her goodbye and went in search of more Samba.

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