Friday, October 10, 2008

Mr. Ninja Stealth Weapon & O Senhor Axê

Rhasaan* sang screeches about Bright Moments like when your lover takes the last bite of what you wanted to be eating on and you got to go get it the other way, (from off their lips and tongue).

Some of these moments for me have been watching young men on the island and in the country take their caged birds for walks ‘cause they can. Bringing their birds out into nature to hear the fullest sound of their song.

Seeing the Amaralina school children fly with their raggy kites full of hope and handmade passion.

Feeling that just right slithery texture and unctuous flavor outta the moqueca bubblin’ on the table in front of you as it courses over your taste buds and gets swallowed down below.

People who care to give kindness, love and help in a minute without thinking of remuneration. People who could use a double dose of that in their own lives.

Listening to the Irmandade da Boa Morte sing praise songs for luck as they cut up the okra for their Caruru . Winter morning light bathes the room adding shines to their faces peaking out from the veil of frankincense that added its own blessing.

Watching joyous women, middle aged and elder at home, create their own Roda for Samba dancing ecstatically for each other. The song comes from their voicings and hand claps. It all seems to signify the end and the beginning.

Lost in the morning waves, briny smells, streaming sun and idle chatter of people in the bow of the Lancha.

Waking up to the calling drum, with the knowing that it is time to go back into festing.

Sitting with Augusto Alberquerque smiling toothily, eyes a glimmer, dimples floating and bobbing as he recounts another story you really do need to hear. Padrininho, O Senhor Axê, Ursinho or whatever you call him you really do need him in your life.

Finding the water at the right place to swim when you want to be there. The sand bar and your own agenda can too easily trip you up.

Knowing that its ok not to eat Papaya anywhere else after you understood what ripe really means on Itaparica.

Loving on new fruits that you might not be able to spell or pronounce.

That imperceptible feeling like when the air is just feeling sweet, the perfume of ripe goiava or rustling pitanga leaves might have got you there.

Finding that person who can sweetly complete your thoughts and is not your lover and doesn’t want to be. He just wants you to help you better find yourself and what you need to be doing. I call him Luis Mario. You can call him Mr. Ninja Stealth Weapon. He or a She may be other people for you where you are.

Hearing Rahul sing and feeling his song resonate inside of you.

Arroz, Feijoes, Cebola, Cenoura e Alho- both for eating, or the ones who play Capoeira

Laughing until you infect the room with giggles and tears

Giovanna, Eneida & Bia

Knowing that you can.

*Rhasaan Roland Kirk-

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